Your pets are an extension of your family, and they deserve the best care.

Abbie's Animal Clinic is a full service animal hospital and veterinary clinic in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Dr Clark, and her 29 years of experience, will provide your pet the best care, and will call you back to check on your pet after their visit. 


Our Services



       Routine and Comprehensive

Digestion Issues


       Diagnosis using internal medicine, radiology, hematology and blood chemistry.

Dermatology Skin Disorders

       Are addressed by cytology, complete allergen testing by Board Certified Dermatologists.  Infections are diagnosed and treated           with targeting antibiotics.

In house Pharmacy   (Pain Management)

       We stock all medications for all prescriptions insuring your pet receives a high level of care.

Internal Medicine Diseases (including but not limited to)

       UTI                                       Biopsies                            Hepatic Liver Disorders

       Opthamology                     Cancer                              Cushings Disease

       Hypothyroidism                 Hyperthyroidism             Addisons Disease                

       Cardiac Disease                 Spleenic/Pancreatic        Diabetes

       Pneumonia                           Kidney Failure                  Infections

New Puppy and Kitten - First time Vet Check

       Vaccination, Dewormer, Exam - Less that 12 weeks old $75.00

Radiology - is used for multiple diagnosis including:

       Bone Fractures                   Intestinal Blockages       Urinary Uroliths

       Tooth Decay                        Cancer                              Heart Disease

       Hepatomegaly                    Collapsed Trachea          Spinal Concerns

Laser Therapy


       We use a high grade Class Laser to speed healing and relieve pain for all surgeries, skin diseases, bone fractures, UTI, Spinal               Disc prolapse, internal organ issues, cruciate repair and much more.  For more information on Laser Therapy 

Routine Surgeries (include but are not limited to)

       Spays and Neuters            Dewclaws                         Dental and tooth extractions

       Declaws                               Tail Docking

Advance Surgeries (include but are not limited to)

       Bone Fracture Repair        Dermatological Issues

       Puncture Wounds              Abdominal Cystocentesis

       Aspirates                             Urolith Removal

       Lacerations                         Intestinal Blockages

       Cruciate Repair






Certified by the Iowa State Board of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Clark is highly trained in all disciplines of veterinary medicine.  She graduated from Iowa State College if Veterinary Medicine with a high degree.  Two internships were completed at the Oklahoma City Zoo where her knowledge was expanded to exotics.  Her understanding of internal medicine was also elevated by extended education in hematology, blood chemistry and otology.

The hospital functions like a human hospital as pet are referred to specialists for complex problems.

We accept pet insurance                                                                                            We also welcome second opinions. 

Dr. Clark's knowledge of dietary prevention and nutrition are attributes that apply to treating animals from allergies to internal problems and behavior.  Along with video otoscopy to educate clients, Dr. Clark uses state of the art technology to help your pet become a healthier pet.

Compassion is critical at our hospital and we listen to our clients and pets.


Dr Abbie Clark is a member of the Iowa Veterinarian Medical Association, the American Veterinarian Medical Association, and the Linn County Veterinarian Medical Association.  She was also noted by the Journal of the American Veterinarian Medical Association for her assistance to pets affected during the 2008 flood of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.




Dr. Abbie Clark

6000 7th Street S.W.

Cedar Rapids, IA.  52404

Email: abbiesanimalclinic@gmail.com
Tel:  319-365-1441


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday

Closed Weekends

After hours emergency call as needed

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