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Your pets are an extension of your family, and they deserve the best care.

Abbie's Animal Clinic is a full service animal hospital and veterinary clinic in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Dr Clark, and her 29 years of experience, will provide your pet the best care, and will call you back to check on your pet after their visit. 


Our Services

Dog DA2PPV Rabies
Physical Exam 
Cat FVRCP Rabies
Physical Exam
Diarrhea & Vomiting & 
Digestive Issues
Skin Infections
Eye Infections
Urinary Bladder Infections
Ear Infection & Cleaning
Cruciate & Bone Fracture Repair
Feline Leukemia & FIV Testing
Biopsies / Aspirates
Pregnancy Testing
Wellness examinations 

Inhouse Pharmacy Compare Prices
New Puppy or Kitten Exams $75.00 includes complete physical,  First time vaccinations & dewormer
Xray Diagnostics
Lymes & Heartworm Testing
Cushing / Addison's / Thyroid Testing
Laser Therapy

Our clinic is excited to offer Companion Laser Therapy!  Laser therapy is a non-surgical, drug free, non invasive treatment used to reduce pain, and inflammation and speed up the healing process.


For more information on Laser Therapy 

Blood Chemistry CBC
Heart Diagnostics / EKG
Dentals using ultrasonic scaling pain free
Skin Allergies testing
Routine Spay Female Dog less than 70 lbs. 
Routine Neuter Male Dog   
Routine Spay Female Cat  
Routine Neuter Male Cat  
Routine Declaw Front Feet  
Routine Declaw all feet  
Surgeries done with laser therapy optional
Respiratory Breathing Issues 



Dr Clark is certified by the state of Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University Collage of Veterinary Medicine.  She has been a practicing  veterinarian since 1991, combining old-fashioned and holistic care with cutting edge medicine.

Her philosophy has always been simple, treat the pet and pet guardian with kindness and compassion.  And unlike larger animal hospitals, which value their image over your pets well-being, Dr Abbie believes in one on one personal interaction and taking time to answer questions and explain treatments.  Dr Clark's humble, yet capable practice, keeps her prices competitive and allows her to invest in technologies that will heal your pet quickly with minimal pain.  At Abbie's Animal Clinic, our image comes from knowing that we are here for you, not gimmicks or fancy architecture.  Dr. Clark will always respect you and your pet.  Come and experience the difference Dr. Clark's care can make for you pet's health.


Dr Abbie Clark is a member of the Iowa Veterinarian Medical Association, the American Veterinarian Medical Association, and the Linn County Veterinarian Medical Association.  She was also noted by the Journal of the American Veterinarian Medical Association for her assistance to pets affected during the 2008 flood of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Abbie Animal Clinic accepts

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Dr. Abbie Clark

6000 7th Street S.W.

Cedar Rapids, IA.  52404

Email: abbiesanimalclinic@gmail.com
Tel:  319-365-1441


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday

Closed Weekends

After hours emergency call as needed